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Technology May 21, 2021

The PlayStation 5 may have stolen the limelight in the gamersphere, but isn't it time the humble Xbox got a look in?

The Xbox Series X hit shelves back in November. And sold out *almost* immediately. It's unsurprising, seeing as it's more powerful than its predecessor in every single way. But fans weren't so happy about the lack of new games released alongside it.

To be fair to developers, we were (and still are) in the midst of a world pandemic. We've got to cut them some slack, right? But we get the frustration. We'd just copped a shiny new console, with little to play on it.

Fast forward 6 months, and we've *finally" got the news we've been waiting for. Games, games and more games! And in the words of Lilo, no one gets left behind. Every new release is backwards-compatible, so if you're still in the market, dust off your Xbox One and get ready.

Here are the Xbox Series X games we're counting down the days for!

Image via Venture Beat

Halo Infinite

What is Xbox without Halo!? Sure, the game was supposed to drop back in December '20. But, it's better late than never, right? Microsoft have kept tight-lipped with most plot points, only teasing us that Master Chief is back, and ready to face 'the most ruthless foe he's ever met'. Buckle up!

Image via IGN

Gotham Knights

Havoc has reached Gotham once again! Gotham Knights takes place in an alternate universe where the Batman is dead. So who does it fall to to protect the grittiest city in the history of mankind? Robin and the crew! Expect to take on villains including the Court of Owls and the one-and-only Dr. Freeze.

Image via PC Gamer

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Off the bat of the Snyder cut, the Justice League have got themselves in another sticky situation. Are we surprised? Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League takes place in the same universe as Batman: Arkham, one of our favourites! You can play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang or King Shark in 1-4 player co-op. Your mission? Take down Superman!

Image via Tech Spot

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

16 years later, and the second Bloodlines is here! Like the OG, players craft their very own character based on attributes, abilities and discipline. But the fight is bigger than ever; 'The Masquerade' has been broken, and vampires are no longer hidden from the world. If you thought the clans had issues with one another before, just wait!

Image via Games Radar

As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is an intriguing addition to our list. The interactive game follows the entangled lives of two families in the American Southwest. Like Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and others before it, the choices made by the player will shape the characters' lives in the long run. We're kicking ourselves in advance for taking the wrong turn...

Image via Games Radar

Twelve Minutes

We've raved about Twelve Minutes before. And we're not about to stop anytime soon. The Microsoft exclusive thriller follows a time loop in which a man's wife is accused of murder. Playing as the man, it's up to you to figure out the crime in question. Oh, and you die. Every. single. time. If you need another excuse to play it, critics are calling it those closest thing we'll get to playing a video game directed by Stanley Kubrick!

Still in hope of sourcing your very own Xbox Series X? The console's hard to come by, and stock is lower than ever! Although Microsoft has ramped up production, scalpers are working harder, and faster, than ever before. But all hope isn't lost; at HypeDrop, we can help.

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