An open message to our community

Jul 14, 2023

Personal Vendetta

We are aware that over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of negative posts about us. There are too many to list here, but we wanted to comment as it is important that our community knows the facts, and also the lies that are being posted by our malicious competitors.

They have engaged in a hate campaign against us and claim that we are running “scam websites”. We do not know their exact motives, but we suspect that it is a personal vendetta, based on a grudge, and is designed to try and harm our business and gain a competitive advantage over us. By spreading misinformation, making false claims against us and our founder, and threatening our partners, they are harming the industry as a whole.

What are we doing to address the issue?

We are taking legal action against these malicious competitors who are defaming and threatening us and our community. We have worked hard to build a safe and rewarding environment for millions of you. It is clear from the many millions of successful transactions that we have completed over a number of years that we are not running scam websites. These accusations are laughable, and we will do everything we can to protect you and us.

Setting the record straight

Although spread across lots of posts, the attacks on HypeDrop are focused on one thing: a single user’s $4 million withdrawal. We are obviously not permitted to give details, as we are bound by strict rules on what we may say publicly.

Legally, in the case of every withdrawal request that we receive, we cannot process a withdrawal if there are inconsistencies in the necessary documentation provided to us by a user.

The allegation is that we generally do not process withdrawals. This is simply not true. We added $4 million into the hot wallet after the withdrawal request was made, which demonstrates our intention of processing the withdrawal. For years we've consistently paid out millions to our customers each month.

Enhanced legal Know Your Client (KYC) obligations apply to a transaction of this volume, which includes proof of ID, proof of address, source of funds, and source of wealth. All of these documents must align with the identity of the user.

Acting in accordance with our EU legal obligations which we must adhere to; if all documents are provided and verified by our compliance team, in line with our KYC and Anti Money Laundering (AML) obligations, we will process a withdrawal instantly.

Among the litany of ludicrous allegations levelled at us, there was also mention of us not following GDPR rules in the case of this particular user. This is false. HypeDrop has not, and will never, disclose the identity of a user.

We remain in constant communication with this particular customer. Our standards of due diligence will not be relaxed and we will not bow to pressure to deviate from them. Influencers who we work with have also received pressure to stop working with us. To reiterate, our adherence to our responsibilities will remain steadfast, to also ensure the continued longevity of our brand. We will not fold when we, or our influencers, are bullied.

All other payments have, and continue, to be made.

Other attacks on us have been made which are so absurd and false, that we will not be addressing them.

Our track record speaks for itself

We are proud of maintaining the highest possible standards in the community. As of this week, we have also increased our AML and KYC oversight requirements.

Our games have always been “Provably Fair” – which is the standard for platforms in our space – and we have been running safe and fair games for years.

We will continue to push our business forward in the most transparent way and lead the industry, as we have always done, by offering legitimate and rewarding services to our customers and partners.

Thank you for your continued support

We hope this helps clarify things, but feel free to reach out if you need to. We remain dedicated to upholding the integrity and authenticity that all our sites were founded on, and we appreciate your continued support as we help fight against this smear campaign, which is not only an attack on us, but an attack on the whole community.

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