Xbox Games Showcase '22; The Biggest Announcements | HypeDrop

Gaming Jun 17, 2022

From Overwatch 2 to Starfield, here's everything you might've missed from Xbox & Bethesda's showcase!

Following PlayStation's State Of Play, it was Xbox & Bethesda's turn to showcase their upcoming titles. Though Kojima Productions left us wanting more, news surrounding Overwatch 2 and Starfield just about made up for it! In case you missed the event, here's the only roundup you need.

Hollow Knight Silksong; Coming This Year

After a few years of silence from Nintendo, Hollow Knight's highly anticipated sequel made a surprise appearance during Xbox's event. Playing as Hornet, Silksong will see players venture through a new and unfamiliar world, with foes to battle and mysteries to solve.

Hollow Knight Silksong will release sometime in the next 12 months, on PC and Nintendo.

Forza Motorsport; Official Trailer

Fans of Horizon were thrilled to get a sneak peak of the Forza series' latest title. Powered by the Series X's ray-tracing capabilities, Forza Motorsport is set to feature dynamic weather, in-depth car building, tire and fuel management and plenty of envy-inducing engines.

Forza Motorsport will release in Spring 2023, on PC and Xbox.

Forza Horizon 5; Hot Wheels Expansion

On the topic of Forza, a Hot Wheels themed DLC is on the way for last year's Forza Horizon 5. Similar to the DLC add-on released for the third instalment in the racing series, users can build and play on custom tracks made with virtual pieces.

Forza Horzion 5 Hot Wheels Expansion will release on July 19th 2022, on PC and Xbox.

Overwatch 2; Free To Play

The team behind Overwatch 2 didn't disappoint. The follow-up to Blizzard's highly successful multiplayer shooter will arrive in October, as a free-to-play game. Said to be bigger and better than its predecessor, the title will see new and old heroes team up against the robotic Null Sector army.

Overwatch 2 will release on October 4th, on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC.

Starfield; Gameplay Reveal

Bethesda's space RPG has been on our radar since 2018, and a gameplay reveal at Xbox's event gave us plenty to look forward to. Displaying various locations, from Kreet to New Atlantis, memorable characters and exciting combat, it's set to be a  No Man's Sky-style explorer for the ages.

Starfield will release in 2023, on Xbox and PC.

Minecraft Legends; Announcement

Over Minecraft? Think again. Mojang Studios revealed a new action-strategy spinoff to the infamous title at Xbox's showcase. Microsoft Legends will task users with uniting the overworld, seemingly taken over by a yet-to-be-named danger.

Minecraft Legends will release in 2023, on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo.

Sea Of Thieves; Season 7 Is Coming

Titled 'Captains Of Adventure', Sea Of Thieves is gearing up for its seventh instalment. With the ability to buy, name and customise ships, we only hope the gameplay is as strong as its shanty advertisement.

Captains Of Adventure will release on July 23 2022, on Xbox and PC.

Kojima Productions; Untitled Project

There wasn't a name, release date or title image to accompany Hideo Kojima's presentation, but the announcement deserves a mention of its own. The Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator said the Xbox exclusive is a game he's always wanted to make, but warned it could take some time to come together. Whatever the outcome, consider us intrigued.

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