The Smartest Tech On HypeDrop; Oculus, Ryzen, Microsoft Mystery Boxes

Gaming Feb 17, 2021

How do you stay connected in a virtual world? With smart tech, of course! The only downside? Tech moves *fast*. Blink and there's a new console, monitor or mobile to cop. And when we're working, socialising and playing from home, the choice can seem endless.

At HypeDrop, we've done the hard work for you. From consoles to peripherals, mobiles and everything in between, we've picked the smartest tech from our Mystery Boxes. Keep reading for our top picks!

Image via Polygon

PlayStation 5

Do we really need to introduce the PlayStation 5? For the ultimate gaming experience, it's a no brainer. But you knew that already. Unlike its predecessor, it's sleek, immersive and fast, like everything you'd want in a car (or partner), but in a console. And as for the Dualsense controller? It's a game changer.

Find the PS5 in our PlayStation 5 Mystery Box 🎮

Image via Tech Radar

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

With not one, but *two* models to choose from, the next-gen Xbox consoles really do power our dreams. Both systems run a powerful processor unit, but the difference in speed, display and style hoist the Series X up a notch. Saying that, if you're willing to miss out on a few extra perks and settle for the Series S, your wallet might thank you later.

Find the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S in our Xbox Mystery Box 🎮

Image via NVIDIA

GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition

If, like us, gaming has peaked your social life this past year, it makes sense to invest, right? Right. The GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition is practically flawless. It's high-resolution, super fast, boasts an innovative cooling system and looks the part too. One shot, one kill in HD? Where do we sign!?

Find the GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition in our Gaming on a Budget Mystery Box ⌨️

Image via Tweak Town

Ryzen 9 5900X Processor

With that flashy new graphics card you'll need a processor. Let us introduce you to the Ryzen 9 5900X! It's one of the fastest CPU's on the market, making it top-tier for gaming. And while you're WfH, you can count on it's multi-core performance. No more soul-crushing calls with the IT department. We've all been there.

Find the Ryzen 9 5900X Processor in our Gamers Paradise Mystery Box 🖥️

Image via Samsung

Samsung 49" Gaming Monitor Ultrawide 144hz QLED

Looking for a gaming monitor that packs a punch? The Samsung Ultrawide Gaming Monitor provides an experience so immersive, we can't help but get sucked in. One minute we're in our living room, the next we're on the battle grounds of Verdansk. Or, more likely, waiting in the Gulag... The only problem you *might* have is finding space for this beast of a monitor.

Find the Samsung 49" Gaming Monitor Ultrawide 144hz QLED in our Gamers Lounge Mystery Box 📺

Image via CGM

Oculus Quest 2

Gone are the days of scaring your friends with Until Dawn in VR. Virtual reality headsets can now be part of the everyday gamers toolkit! And if you're in the market, the Oculus Quest 2 is the best yet. It's sleek and intuitive, and boasts an impressive library of games. But make sure you've got a big space to play in, we've been responsible for a fair few broken vases in our time...

Find the Oculus Quest 2 in our Virtual Reality Mystery Box 👀

Image via Apple

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Hands up if your screen time has gone through the roof as of late? Yeah, we're with you. You need a phone that can keep up, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max does *exactly* that. Sure, it's slim, sleek and stylish, but there's more to this phone than its looks. It's powered by 6GB of ram, 5G and a long-lasting battery. She's a keeper.

Find the iPhone 12 Pro Max in our Apple Mystery Box 📱

Image via The Verge

Samsung Galaxy S21

We can always rely on Samsung to make a good phone. And they've done it again with the Samsung Galaxy s21. It's an affordable, ultra-modern all rounder, and the camera quality is Insta worthy indeed. It boasts a flat screen (finally) with a sharp OLED display, and a battery life powerful enough to make Apple quake.

Find the Samsung Galaxy S21 in our Smartphone Mystery Box 📱

This is just the tip of the tech iceberg! And there's plenty more to see. Check out our Tech Mystery Boxes on HypeDrop now! You know you want to...


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