The World Cup Final On HypeDrop!

Getting Started Dec 9, 2022

Dreamt of watching The World Cup Final IRL in Qatar? You're in luck! But you need to act FAST!

On December 18th, HypeDrop could fly you and a plus one to The World Cup Final! Available to win in our Mystery Boxes, or exchange for another item in your cart, this excursion isn't one to miss.

There's 3 options up for grabs, including;

  • The World Cup Final - We'll fly you and a plus one to Dubai, where you'll also stay in a luxury hotel, and transport you to and from the game in Qatar.
  • The World Cup Final VIP - You and a plus one will fly to Dubai, stay in a premium hotel and enjoy an excursion to Qatar for the match. With a short stay in the City Of Gold included, it's VIP treatment all round.
  • The World Cup Final SVIP - All the above, with added SVIP treatment.

However, this is a LIMITED offer that is no longer available after December 14th. So act fast!

Got an item in your cart you're not keen on? Starting at $20,000, you can exchange it for The World Cup Final tickets now!


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