So, How Does HypeDrop Work?

Getting Started Jan 17, 2022

From Mystery Boxes to Box Battles, Upgrades to Crypto Withdrawals, here's everything you'll *ever* need to know about HypeDrop!

Whether you're an OG or still navigating your way around, HypeDrop's had a fair few changes in the last six months. Our audience, Mystery Boxes and perks have grown. And for those of you asking, 'So, how does HypeDrop work?', a one-stop guide is exactly what the Doctor ordered. From one edge of the gamersphere to the corner of the sneakerverse, here's what you've been searching for.

A collection of HypeDrop's Mystery Boxes

What Is A Mystery Box?

It's as simple as it sounds; a Mystery Box is a collection of items, packed inside a fixed price 'case'. Not to be confused with Loot Boxes (containing virtual skins or customisable character options), our Mystery Boxes contain physical, in-demand products, from designer labels to supercars, VIP holidays to jewels. Though the Mystery Box is virtual, the items inside are real.

Once purchased, the Mystery Box is yours to open. Beforehand, you can browse through our extensive selection of products that await, and the odds of unboxing each one. As is the name, you never know exactly what you're going to get, but whatever you unbox is yours to keep, order or exchange.

Mystery Boxes represent a new chapter in retail - at HypeDrop, our Mystery Boxes have brought luxury to the mainstream, for a fraction of the price. And though the market's had a bad rep in the past, HypeDrop has spearheaded a changing attitude. By promoting authenticity through our Provably Fair System, we can show you how we determine our boxes outcome. It's complicated stuff, but in the interest of transparency, we've broken it down here.

Ultimately, our Mystery Boxes present an opportunity like no other. Where else could you unbox a Rolex for $70? Or a Lamborghini for $500? Only one site springs to mind.

10% All In One - a varied Mystery Box on HypeDrop

Streetwear, Technology, Transport & More

Once you've created an account, you can explore our range of Mystery Boxes. From a small starting selection, we've expanded our catalogue to include *almost* every product and brand imaginable. And every Friday at 8pm CET, we release brand new Mystery Boxes, with the hottest products on the market, for your enjoyment.

You can upgrade your wardrobe - with Jordan, Off-White, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, The North Face, Rolex and more - take a trip to London or Dubai, unbox a supercar - from Lamborghini to Rolls Royce - in-demand consoles and gaming peripherals, a Private Island and so much more.

If we had to go through every product in our inventory, or Mystery Box in our collection, we'd be here a lifetime. Just take a look for yourself. But remember, though the contents are enticing, the experience is the best bit; you see, how you choose to use HypeDrop is entirely up to you.

Example of HypeDrop's Item Upgrade feature

Exchange, Upgrade Or Crypto Withdraw

When you open your Mystery Box, you'll receive an item. If you receive an item less than the value of your chosen box, you’ll also receive XP to make up the difference. Your XP is used to level up and unlock our new-and-improved Daily Free Boxes, but there's more on that later.

At HypeDrop, we understand that taste is individual. And that's why we've given you the power to exchange, upgrade or request a crypto withdrawal if you'd prefer another item. Like we said, the power's always in your hands.

Exchange - Whether you already have a PlayStation, prefer Yeezy to Jordan or would never wear a Rolex, you can exchange your unboxed item for an item of the same value in our inventory. Once you're set on your choice, request an order and our shipping team will get your authentic item on its way.

Upgrade - Think you can do better? With our upgrade feature, you could multiply your product by 2x, 10x or even 50x its value. Just select the item in your cart, multiply its value by your desired amount, sit back and relax. If you succeed, you’ll receive a higher value item. If you fail, your item will be destroyed and you’ll receive XP equivalent to its cost. With HypeDrop, there’s always a chance to win.

Crypto Withdrawal - You can even withdraw the value of your unboxed item in crypto currency, to your dedicated crypto wallet. And if you want to top up your account, you can do so with crypto too. To explore our crypto capabilities, tap the green '+' next to your balance.

A Box Battle between Noptix and HypeDrop's PVP Bot #1

Take It To Battle

If you want to up the ante, you can go head to head with other users in Box Battles. Just choose your Mystery Box(es), enter the ring and wait for an opponent to join. When the opponents in, the battle begins. You'll each receive one product per round (as determined by our Provably Fair System), and the user that collects the highest unboxed value at the end of the battle will claim the contents from both. Unless there's a tie, in which case the winner gets decided through a random coin flip.

If you don’t come out on top, you’ll always collect XP totalling the value of the battle. And if you don't want to wait for an opponent, you can battle our PVP Bot instead. If you'd prefer to be a viewer, you can even watch your friends and favourite influencers battle on HypeDrop.

A collection of HypeDrop's Daily Free Boxes

Don't Forget Your Daily Free Boxes

This is where your XP comes in. XP is your ticket to levelling up on HypeDrop, and for every 10 levels you climb, a new Daily Free Box will unlock. With each milestone, our Daily Free Boxes get bigger and better, giving you a chance to unbox some of the most prestigious products HypeDrop has to offer.

At Level 2, you can open your first Daily Free Box - the top prize is a $699 Razer Monitor. At Level 10, it's a $1000 Voucher and at Level 20, a $1470 AMD Graphics Card. When you get to Level 100, your guaranteed Daily Free Box comes in at a minimum of $90. Your Daily Free Boxes renew every 24 hours, and cost $0 to open. If you want to climb levels faster, to unlock more of our Daily Free Boxes, you can buy XP via your profile.

One of HypeDrop's Affiliates - Raw's - earnings

Become An Affiliate

At HypeDrop, the fun has always been in our community. With our Affiliate System, both you and your friends will profit every time they use your code. In fact, each friend you invite will receive a 5% bonus on cash deposits and 3 free Mystery Boxes. And depending on your tier, you'll earn a set amount of commission for every cash deposit they make.

Our Affiliate process is simple; we want you to benefit, after all. Get your friends to sign up using your unique referral code and/or link, and watch the rewards reap.

At HypeDrop, the sky's the limit. Mystery Boxes are our second nature, and we guarantee that you won't find this level of luxury elsewhere.

So what are you waiting for? Open a Mystery Box, join a Box Battle or become an Affiliate. There's much to gain from joining our community, and it all starts today.


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