So, What Is Provably Fair? | HypeDrop Mystery Boxes

Mystery Box Apr 7, 2021

Mystery Boxes have taken some slack over the years. And we can see why! But we're not like the others. We created HypeDrop with one goal; to set a new standard of integrity in the Mystery Box market, all the while providing our users with premium items at a fraction of the retail price. We're proud to have fulfilled this goal! But, how did we get there? It was simple, really - by promoting fairness and authenticity for all involved.

Unlike other Mystery Box retailers on the scene, we can show (and prove!) how we determine our outcomes. Sure, it's complicated stuff. But we aren't all Einstein's around here... So before you fry your brain trying, let us break it down for you. Here's how we ensure our Mystery Boxes are Provably Fair!

Your Hand, Our Hand, Play Count

All great things start with a simile! If you play a 'physical game' with a dice, you can guarantee that each outcome of a roll is random. How? By checking for six unique sides. 'Digital games' work slightly different, but the concept stays the same. Instead of sides, we employ three variables to ultimately determine which item you'll receive from our Mystery Boxes.

Your Hand - The first code generated is Your Hand because you can change it whenever you like. You can even delve deeper in to other users hands to explore their outcomes!

Our Hand - Think of this as a secret code, one that won't be revealed until you open your Mystery Box.

Play Count - This is the most simple out of the three: the number of games you've played with us. New to HypeDrop? Then you'll start at one, and go up with each game you play.

Like the outcome of the roll of a dice, Your Hand, Our Hand and the Play Count are different each time. This means that you'll have the chance to unbox something different every time you open one of our Mystery Boxes.

PlayStation 5 Mystery Box

Elements of Generation

So, how is the outcome generated? Well, each item you could potentially unbox from our Mystery Boxes is assigned a role number - and there are countless ones it can land on! We like to do things in three here, so each roll is determined by a combination of three individual elements.

Client Seed - This is a passphrase that comes from your browser. Like Your hand, you're able to see it before you unbox an item, you can change it before you play, and you can check other users Seeds.

Server Seed - This is a number (a really long number, in fact) that comes from us. Before you play, we'll reveal a hashed version of our Server Seed so that we can warrant a predetermined result. But you won't be able to work out the outcome beforehand. Where's the fun, and fairness, in that!? The un-hashed Server Seed will reveal itself to you once you've opened your Mystery Box.

Play Count - Sound familiar? Your Play Count increases every time you play. So, even if you had the same Client Seed and Server Seed from a previous game, the outcome would still be different.

Juice Mystery Box


So that's how our fancy algorithm determines and generates your game. But what about probability?

In short, probability never changes - even if you played 100,000,000 times! We don't employ a method to determine when legendary items are unboxed. It's sheer randomness. However, you can still view 'Toggle Rates' at the top of each Mystery Box to see the probability displayed as a percentage.

Value Guaranteed

Finally, and we're sure you already know, you'll always get your value! This means that you'll either receive an exclusive item for a fraction of the price, or if that item is less than the price of the box, XP equivalent to the value that you paid. What's not to love!?

So there you have it! Our fancy algorithm, which isn't so fancy at all. In fact, it's pretty straight-forward once you get your head around it, right!? But remember, HypeDrop is ultimately still a game of luck; the more valuable the item, the less chance you have of unboxing it. By giving you the power to check our methods, we're keeping it fair (and fun!).

And now you know that your experience is as authentic as it possibly can be, we won't hold you back any longer... See what you can unbox in our Mystery Boxes today!


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