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Getting Started Nov 5, 2021

Have you ever wondered what Team HypeDrop's favourite boxes are? Wonder no more. From Time Is Money to Hype Decor, here they are!

Ever since we launched HypeDrop 2.0, we've added brand new Mystery Boxes to our collection week after week. Six months later, and 160 boxes down the line, there's plenty in our collection to choose from. From streetwear to tech, collectables to cars, the opportunities are limitless. But even we have our favourites. Are they the same as yours?

RGB Setup

'I'm a huge fan of RGB lighting and I like to mess around with colours and patterns, so this box was a must for me. The items in it all follow this 'Rainbow Wave' which is really aesthetic.'

At HypeDrop we know that no gaming setup is complete without RGB lighting. Along with adding flair to your gaming room, it can transform your entire experience. Over the last couple of years, RBG lightning has taken the gamersphere by storm. You don't want to be left behind, do you?

In RGB Setup, you could cop a Corsair keyboard, Razer mouse or GeForce Graphics Card. Will you take a chance? Unbox RGB Setup for €41.22 on HypeDrop.

Time Is Money

'The first time I saw this box in a battle, heyitsjoe opened 8 watches in a row. When you play yourself, I like the chance proportions of unboxing legendary items'.

We take our watches seriously. And Time Is Money is the box that started it all. You can tell the time from your phone, but nothing shouts luxury like the mark of wrist piece. To some, a watch represents the value of time, punctuality and responsibility. To others, a watch is a statement accessory certain to complete any 'fit.

In Time Is Money, you could cop Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and (at the top of our wishlist) Rolex. Unbox Time Is Money for €67.24 on HypeDrop.

Collectors Dream

'I think the box is really different to anything else on HypeDrop, and it's great to play with in Battles.'

Collectables have always been valuable. But nowadays, they're selling for more than ever before. In our bid for nostalgia, Hot Wheels and Pokemon have made a comeback. And collectables for the contemporary art connoisseur, such as KAWS and Bearbrick, have moved to the mainstream. Brands like Supreme and Off-White are even trying their hand at the collectable game.

In Collectors Dream, you could cop Pokemon Cards, Kaws Vinyl Figures and the infamous Off-White x Ikea Rug. Unbox Collectors Dream for €8.97 on HypeDrop.

Hype Decor

'Any product you unbox you could keep yourself or gift to a friend. It covers all types of interests and is a fun box to open.'

Hypebeast home decor is like no other. It's colourful, eccentric and seriously pricey. But more and more of us are buying into it, whether it be for the designer label or quirky aura. Even if you're understated in style, you wouldn't turn down a Banksy figurine, would you?

In Hype Decor, you could cop Jason Freeney Figures, Bearbrick Toys and Kaws Vinyl Figures. Unbox Hype Decor for €95.19 on HypeDrop.

10% All In One

'It's a super popular box, is really affordable and fun to open. There's also been some insane wins for the price.'

Who wouldn't want a pair of Jordans to wear while playing their brand new PlayStation 5? Out of all the tech, accessories and collectables on HypeDrop, we knew you wanted a chance to cop one of everything from your favourite brands. And we delivered.

In 10% All In One, you could cop Jordan, Corsair, Supreme and more. Unbox 10% All In One for €4.00 on HypeDrop.

Which box on HypeDrop is your favourite?


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