HypeDrop 2.0 Is Here!

Mystery Box May 29, 2021

HypeDrop's had a revamp! From brand new Mystery Boxes to Affiliate Codes, Daily Free Drops and more, here's what you need to know!

In 2019, HypeDrop was born out of a single idea; to bring luxury to the mainstream. As a new kid on the block, we knew we needed to stand out in the evolving Mystery Box market. So, how did we do it? We listened to you. After all, what is HypeDrop without its community?

When you wanted to know more about the fairness and transparency we preached, we promoted our Provably Fair Methods. When you wanted to see more of the brands that you loved, we stocked streetwear, sneakers and tech from across the globe. And then, when you thought our odds weren't clear enough, we developed a brand new interface, design and user experience.

Two years down the line, and we're still listening to you. From one edge of the gamersphere to the corner of the sneakerverse, we've heard what you want, and we've made it happen.

So buckle up! HypeDrop 2.0 is here, and it's going to be one hell of a crazy ride!

L to R - iPhone Hunter, Dunk or Miss, Corsair

Introducing our brand new selection of Mystery Boxes!

Yep, you read it right. We've re-designed our entire collection of Mystery Boxes! Juice, it was fun. But all great things come to an end.

Our new Mystery Boxes are packed with the hottest products from the biggest brands in the world. You could unbox an iPhone from 'iPhone Hunter', a pair of kicks from 'Dunk Or Miss' and a keyboard from 'Corsair' all in a days work. And there's plenty more where they came from... in fact, your opportunities are endless!

You can also wave goodbye to stickers, laces and everything in between. We've replaced all of our 'common' items with in-store credit vouchers so you can unbox more of the products you love! And don't worry, you'll still get your moneys worth from our Daily Free Drops.

View the entire collection of our brand new Mystery Boxes!  

Open today's Daily Free Drop!

Our Daily Free Drops are bigger and better!

Where else can you unbox the hottest products for free!? Our new-and-improved Daily Free Drops are enough to make any Hypebeast weak at the knees. And we're about to tell you how.

You'll earn XP alongside a premium item or credit voucher with every Mystery Box you open on HypeDrop. XP is the real star of our show; we all know how it works - the more you collect, the faster you'll climb levels. But did you know that for every 10 levels you climb, a new Daily Free Drop will unlock!?

With each milestone, our Daily Free Drops get bigger and better, giving you a chance to unbox some of the most prestigious products HypeDrop has to offer. At Level 2, you can open your first Daily Free Drop - the top prize is a $90 Razer mouse! At Level 10, it's an $80 Switch Pro Controller and at Level 20, a $268 ASUS Gaming Motherboard. Wait till you get to Level 100, where your guaranteed Daily Free Drop comes in at a minimum of $78!

With every Daily Free Drop you open, you're guaranteed to get a premium item or credit voucher at the *very least*. Not bad for a minute of your time, right?

Open your first new-and-improved Daily Free Drop!

Use XP to reach higher levels and unlock more Daily Free Drops!

We've 'levelled up' our XP System!

Itching to get to Level 100 before your peers? With our innovative system, there's all to play for.

We've made it easier for you to collect XP. As well as receiving it with every Mystery Box you open, you can now buy it via your profile! XP's the ticket to our Daily Free Drops. So whether you choose to collect it the old-fashioned way, or cut some corners with our new purchase feature, is entirely up to you.

It's a race to the top of the leaderboard, and it's never been easier!

Level up with HypeDrop!

Affiliate Codes are *almost* here!

Affiliate Codes are on their way!  

You asked, and we listened! HypeDrop's multi-tier affiliate system is officially in the works.

Once we've launched, set your referral code, share it among your community, and when your friends open their first Mystery Box, you'll start earning! The more friends you play with, the more rewards you'll earn. So dust off the address book and get ready!

Our affiliate dashboard will launch in the coming weeks.

HypeDrop wouldn't be what it is today without you. You've stood by us as we've learnt, grown and evolved, and we can't wait to see you reap the benefits.

So what are you waiting for!? Unbox one of our brand new Mystery Boxes or open your first Daily Free Drop today! Don't forget to prep your friends for the launch of our affiliate system!


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