Our Favourite Mystery Boxes; Influencer Edition | HypeDrop

Hypebeast Dec 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your favourite influencer's favourite Mystery Boxes are? Wonder no more!

On HypeDrop, the opportunities are limitless. From a collection of 160 Mystery Boxes, there's always a new item to pull. But in a battle or on stream, we've all got our favourites; the boxes that never let us down. What's yours?

Last week, we took to some of your favourite influencers to ask them exactly that - 'What IS your favourite Mystery Box? And why?'. So if you ever wondered, you're in the right place. From WatchGamesTV to Raw, here they are!

WatchGamesTV - 'After my own, it has to be Tiffany. The box has a nice value top prize.'

He pulled a $164,000 Rolex Daytona from Tiffany last week; can you match it? Open Tiffany on HypeDrop for $388.57.

Drew - 'The high potential and high risk of Rose Gold draws me in.'

If elegance were a Mystery Box, Rose Gold would be it. Open Rose Gold on HypeDrop for $1,964.90.

Raw - 'My favourite box is Bogo Madness; you can jump from the box price up.'

Bogo Madness is where iconic pieces of Box Logo clothing go to meet. Open Bogo Madness on HypeDrop for $37.17.

Manny - 'My favourite has to be Battle For Jordans. It's relatively cheap and the upside is really good. If you bundle a couple of the boxes together in a battle, the payout could be huge.'

In Battle For Jordans, you'll find one of our most extensive Jumpman collections to date. Open Battle For Jordans on HypeDrop for $28.83.

Biba - 'I would say my favourite is Crypto Mining - it's not too expensive and you get good average pulls in battles.'

With Crypto Mining, jump on the bandwagon of the 'Bitcoin Boom'. Open Crypto Mining on HypeDrop for $30.62.

TeamBoFlex - 'My favourite is Cold Hearts; it's affordable and is packed with massive items.'

This box may be cold to the touch, but it's packed with heat. Open Cold Hearts on HypeDrop for $38.70.

Open your favourite Mystery Box on HypeDrop!


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