HypeDrop's Hottest Unboxings; Apple, Jordan, Nike | April 2021

Mystery Box May 5, 2021

Tired of taking L's on SNKRS and StockX? With HypeDrop, you're guaranteed to cop.

It's been a long time since this. April's been a month packed with crazy unboxings here on HypeDrop. From Jordan's to iPhones, you guys have secured the goods. And we're more than happy to provide them. Take a look!

Air Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack - $2150

⭐️ 1st Place - Justen - Level 24

You ever unboxed one of the hottest sneakers of the 21st century for 5% of the retail price? It's all in a days work for Justen!

Unbox the AJ4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack in our Hype Sneakers Mystery Box.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Graphite - £1670

⭐️ 2nd Place - Christopher - Level 10

Christopher's due an upgrade with the iPhone 12 Pro Max! Are you?

Unbox the iPhone 12 Pro Max in our iPhone Mystery Box.

iPhone 12 Pro Graphite - £1495

⭐️ 3rd Place - Luis - Level 3

Hands up if you think Luis' screen time is about to go through the roof?!

Unbox the iPhone 12 Pro in our Apple Mystery Box.

MSI Gaming Laptop Intel i7-8750H - £1350

⭐️ 4th Place - Zephyx - Level 38

Gaming's peaked our social life over the past year... and it's definitely going to peak Zephyx's for the foreseeable!

Unbox the MSI Gaming Laptop in our Streamer Pack Budget Mystery Box.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - £1347

⭐️ 5th Place - WeRacing3 - Level 13

WeRacing3, we hope you're looking forward to one shot, one kill in HD!

Unbox the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in our Build-A-PC Mystery Box.

Air Force 1 Low Off-White Black White - £1079

⭐️ 6th Place - User#395 - Level 22

User#395 used the force within to unbox one of Virgil Abloh's most hyped sneakers!

Unbox the AF1 Low Off-White Black White in our Off-White Sneaker Mystery Box.

$1000 Balance 

⭐️ 7th Place - Snake - Level 31

Are you unboxing your daily free rewards? We'd get to it if we were you... This user unboxed $1000 balance from theirs!

Unbox your daily free reward today on HypeDrop.

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G - £290

⭐️ 8th Place - Christopher - Level 1o

With this processor, gone are Christopher's days of waiting on the loading screen!

Unbox the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G in our Hype Mystery Box.

Apple HomePod Mini White - £101

⭐️ 9th Place - Ralf - Level 15

Ralf's about to hear music (and Siri) as he's never heard it before!

Unbox the Apple HomePod Mini White in our Apple Mystery Box.


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