HypeDrop's Affiliate System Is Here!

Getting Started Jun 17, 2021

Want to earn commission from HypeDrop? Here's how!

HypeDrop 2.0 has been a long time coming! We've introduced a brand new collection of Mystery Boxes, we've increased our Daily Free Drops, and now, we can *finally* announce our long-awaited Affiliate System!

If you weren't excited enough... whether you're the referrer or the referee, there's profit in our Affiliate System for everyone!

How Does Our Affiliate System Work?

HypeDrop's a social site; the fun's in the community! Invite your friends to HypeDrop, and you'll proft each time one of them makes a cash deposit using your code.

Each friend you invite will receive *5% bonus on cash deposits! And coming soon, they'll even recieve 3 free Mystery Boxtes! This is how 👇

  1. Get friends to sign up using your unique referral code and/or link. You can find it here.
  2. When your friends deposit on site, the commission starts rolling in.
  3. You'll earn commission for every cash deposit your friends make while using your code, and any earnings you make can be claimed and withdrawn at any time.

Pretty straightfoward, right!?

*It's important to note that your limit is $100 bonus per deposit.

Multi-Tier Affiliates

You can climb the ranks of our Affiliate System faster than ever by referring as many friends as possible! With every tier you reach, your reward will increase. And eventually, you could receive up to 10% of every cash deposit that's made using your referral code and/or link, along with additional unlockable perks and bonuses.

To ensure that abuse is unlikely, and that we can maintain our Affiliate System for the long run, you must have a specific number of active referrals to claim your affiliate earnings. We've broken it down below.

Personal Affiliate Tracking and Managers

So you can manage and maximise your earnings, our personal affiliate tracking system is also live! With our in dept-analyses, you can stay on top of your earnings through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly breakdowns of user habits.

We'll even estimate your monthly earnings in advance, and provide data for the most popular Mystery Boxes and days with the highest traffic!

And when you reach Tier 5, you'll be entitled to your very own Personal Affiliate Manager! These guys can help you with future collaborative ideas, supply you with unique promotional codes and reward you with perks for being a VIP.

Are you ready to earn up to 10% on deposits from friends!? And redeem an extra 5% bonus on your deposits!? We thought so...

Visit your Affiliate Dashboard now!


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