Yeezy To Pokemon; Here's What You Can Unbox On HypeDrop Right Now

Aug 5, 2021

Haven't you heard? Online shopping's a thing of the past. Here's 5 trending items you can cop on HypeDrop right now!

From sneakers to streetwear, gaming consoles to home accessories, HypeDrop's got it all. Our inventory's so impressive that StockX should be jealous! If we took you through all of it, you'd be here forever. But what we can take you through is the hottest items right now; the items that have been trending for weeks on end, showing no signs of slowing down. Shall we get in to it?

Image via HOLR Magazine

Summer Essential Streetwear

If you don't use every new season as an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe, you're doing something wrong. Who's walking around in a North Face Nuptse in the peak of Summer!? Luckily, we're on hand to make that transition a little easier, and less pricey.

In our Supreme SS21 Mystery Box, you'll find just about everything you need - tees and jerseys from the Emilio Pucci collection, Chalk Logo tees in collaboration with Kaws and a collection of Bandana Tarps for those sunny weekend breaks.

But if it's a Hot Girl Summer you're after, then we've got a namesake Mystery Box waiting for you. You could pick up a pair of Stussy slides, accessorise with Dior sunnies and complete your look with the comeback of the century... Crocs!

Image via Kicks On Fire

Dunk Sneakers

Make way for the Dunk! The Nike silhouette has taken the sneakerverse by storm over the last year. And with no signs of the hype dying down, don't you think it's about time you jumped on the bandwagon?

Our Half A Dunk Mystery Box is packed to the brim with colourways you need this Summer; we're talking University Blue, Green Glow and Strike Yellow. But if it's a high top you're after, Game Royal and Syracuse should do it. If you want to branch out, in Nike Collabs you'll find some of our favourite power-duo Dunks from the minds of Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh and more.

Image via Den Of Geek

Pokemon Cards

Picture this. You're 12 years old and you've traded a Shiny Charizard with your friend at school. When you're 15, and card games aren't 'cool' anymore, you pack away your Charizard somewhere forgettable. Fast forward 10 years, Pokemon's made a comeback and that Shiny Charizard can pay off your mortgage. Not bad, eh?

In both Collectors Dream and The Collector, you could unbox a Shining Fates Collection Box or a Champions Path Elite Trainer Box. And if your luck's *really* in, you could even be the proud new owner of a a Charizard Holo (1999) worth $21,00!

Image via ReactRun

Yeezy Footwear

Step aside, Yeezy Day! Sneakerheads rightfully lost their s*** when the app selling restocks crashed this week. If you were one of the (many) unlucky ones, can we introduce you to HypeDrop?

Ye's restocks included the Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra, Yeezy 350 V2 Mono Cinder and Yeezy 700 V3 Arzareth, each of which you could cop in our 10% Yeezy Mystery Box. And if you're looking for something cooler this Summer, there's a selection of Slides and Foam RNNRS available in Yeezy Is King and 1% Yeezy.

Image via Sony

PlayStation 5

It's nearly a year old, and gamers across the globe still can't get their hands on the PlayStation 5. Scalpers aren't welcome on HypeDrop, but you certainly are.

Each time there's been a restock of the PlayStation 5, the console has sold out again before most of us can even select 'add to basket'. Instead of taking L after L, isn't it about time you tried something different? Like take a chance on our 10% PS5 Mystery Box? The top prize is the console, and it could be yours!

Box Battles are here! You could cop any of the products above from HypeDrop's newest feature; Box Battles. Choose your Mystery Box(es) and fight your opponent to claim the contents in the biggest battle of all, only on HypeDrop!

Find out more about Box Battles.

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