What Can I Unbox In HypeDrop Mystery Boxes? 📦

Mystery Box Jan 27, 2021

HypeDrop's been around for two years now! And in that time, we've learnt *a lot* about mystery boxes.

So, what is a mystery box? Put simply, it's a collection of items that can be unboxed for a certain amount of money. For some, it's a chance to unbox luxury items at a fraction of the price. And for others, it's all in the experience: the thrill of the unknown, the excitement of the unboxing, and the eager anticipation of what awaits.

At HypeDrop, we stock nothing less than exclusive and sought-after products. Our methods are provably fair, and, being an online provider, we'll reveal your item before you withdraw it. Meaning if you'd rather exchange, you can! And what's more, the cheapest item we offer is always equal to the price of the box.

We let our products do the talking for us at HypeDrop. So, to see what you could unbox, keep scrolling!

Sneakers, sneakers and more sneakers!

From Jordan to Yeezy, Dunk to Off-White, we know our sneakers like the back of our hand. And if there's one thing we've learnt over the past two years, it's that you share our enthusiasm! A sneaker to a mystery box is like salt to pepper, Batman to Robin and Mario to Luigi. You rarely see one without the other.

Like every true sneakerhead, we love our Jordan's. That's why we've dedicated 3 mystery boxes to the brand! There's 'Jordan Elite' (priced at 149.99), 'Jordan Mid Tier' (priced at 69.99) and 'Jordan' (priced at 9.99). We've packed these boxes with Jordan x Dior, Off White Chicago, University Blue and Dark Mocha, just to name a few.

If you fancy a chance at unboxing sneakers from 'The 10' collection, the Off-White Sail or Vapor Street, our 'Off-White Sneaker Box' (priced at 199.99) is the box for you. Our 'Hype Sneakers Box' (priced at 99.99) also packs a punch. We're talking Dunk x Grateful Dead and Ben & Jerry's, Yeezy Hyperspace and Utility Black, Jordan Court Purple and more!

Want to discover more of our sneaker mystery boxes? Then check out HypeDrop! Or take a look at some of our users recent unboxings 👇

The latest *and hottest* Streetwear!

Fashion goes beyond utility, and streetwear isn't an exception! The only issue? Brands like Supreme, Off White and Palace aren't *always* accessible. That's where we come in! Our mystery boxes provide a unique way to elevate your style at a wallet-friendly price point.

We take streetwear seriously, stocking some of the most hyped brands of the 21st century. Take our 'Juice Box' (priced at 249.99). Sure, it's on the pricier side, but you're guaranteed to get an Off-White x Nike runner at the very least! Supreme, BAPE, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton also make appearances. There's a reason we call it Juice.

At a mid price point, you can open our 'Supreme Box Logo' (priced at 99.99), packed full of beanies, tees and sweatshirts. You could also try your luck with 'Supreme x North Face' (priced at 99.99). The box features some of the most sought-after items from the brands collab, including the Leather Nuptse Jacket, RTG Backpack and One World Tee!

And if you're on a budget, our 'Nike Box' (priced at 39.99) and 'Adidas Box' (priced at 39.99) are all you. Fan of the Supreme x Nike Leather Anorak? Or Bape x Adidas Jersey? Then get unboxing!

Want to discover more of our streetwear mystery boxes? Then check out HypeDrop! Or take a look at some of our users recent unboxings 👇

Tech to impress!

Thought we stopped at fashion? No chance! Like the clothes we wear, the tech we use is just as important. From gaming to gramming, we've got you covered.

Alongside games and accessories, we're stocking the PS5 in our 'PlayStation 5 Box' (priced at 19.99), and Xbox Series X in our 'Xbox Box' (priced at 19.99)! And if you're more of a PC gamer, we've got just the box for you. Our 'Gaming Peripherals Box' (priced at 9.99) stocks just about *every* add-on you'll need for the ultimate gaming experience, including Razer's Nommo Pro, Corsair Keyboards, Samson's G-Track Pro and more.

If photography is your-kind-of-hobby, our 'Camera Box' (priced at 9.99) is budget friendly, but packs a punch. You could unbox a Mug Lens or Adapter Ring, the Go-Pro 7 or a K&F Tripod, and even a Sony Digital Camera!

And if you're just in search of a tech upgrade, our 'Tech Box' (priced at 9.99) is the perfect all rounder, loaded with a Dell Monitor, Samsung Tablet, Apple products and more. Want to take it one step further and build your own tech? Our 'Build-A-PC Box' (priced at 49.99) might come in handy!

Want to discover more of our tech mystery boxes? Then check out HypeDrop! Or take a look at some of our users recent unboxings 👇

Decor to leave you in awe!

Style goes further than the clothes we wear. It influences our room decor and home living too! No longer are Kaws, Be@rbrick and Funko Pop collectors items only. These toys have taken the Hypebeast community by storm. And they're not alone. Brands like Supreme and Off-White have also dipped their toe in to the decor-sea!

Our 'Hype Decor Box' (priced at 39.99) is overflowing with a range of homeware accessories, including the notorious Ikea x Off-White 'Keep Off' Rug, Kaws x Sesame Street's Ernie, the Supreme Step Ladder and Kaws Flayed Open Edition Figure. And if Be@rbrick's more your style, check out our Bape Box (priced at 29.99).

Want to discover more of our decor mystery boxes? Then check out HypeDrop!

This is just a taster of what we have to offer at HypeDrop! So, what are you waiting for!? See for yourself and get unboxing today!


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