Supreme Or Not | HypeDrop's Highlight

Transparency Aug 22, 2022

The pinnacle of streetwear is one of your all-time favourite brands on HypeDrop!

Founded in New York in 1994, Supreme is the holy grail of streetwear. At first a small skate brand, infamous with young adults in the Big Apple, the phenomenon is now worth $2.1 billion globally. Rubbing shoulders with high-end fashion houses, it's the whiz behind trailblazing collaborations with Louis Vuitton, The North Face and Nike. And for its OG fans, the brand still produces comfortable and casual fits.

As seasonal collections are limited in release, and brand collaborations are often only available on the resale market, hypebeast's have taken to other avenues to get their fix. One of which being HypeDrop!

Opened 15 times every minute, Supreme Or Not is one of our most popular Mystery Boxes. Packed with sneakers and skateboards, turntables and tool boxes, here's why it's a HypeDrop grail.

Image via Sneaker News


How do you find a hypebeast? You look for Supreme! Renowned for its box logo collection, the brand's apparel is streetwear's pinnacle. And in Supreme Or Not, you'll find more than your fair share.

From 2021, you could land on Supreme's Half Zip Hooded Sweatshirt collaboration with Nike. If The North Face is more your style, you're covered too. We've crammed the duo's collection of Mountain Jackets into the Mystery Box. They're even joined by Stone Island's Painted Camo Jacket and Takashi Murakami's Tee. For sneakerheads, Supreme's SB Dunk Low Stars collaboration is up for grabs too. In Hyper Royal and Black, the 2021 faux-skin kicks were a sell-out. And on StockX, they're selling for up to 10x the retail price.

Unbox Supreme apparel in Supreme Or Not, exclusively on HypeDrop.

Image via Fabrique


Iconic accessories complete any look. Be it a backpack, scarf or hat, they make a good fit great. And when they're Supreme, they make a great fit envy inducing.

In 2019, Supreme's second collaboration with German luggage brand RIMOWA sore the hypeverse alight. For jetsetters of the world, the duo released a collection of suitcases. And in Supreme Or Not, we've packed the Cabin Plus Black and Multiwheel Red. If you need an every day bag, The North Face's RTG Backpack cuts it. And if it's not a bag you're after at all, the brand's history defining Louis Vuitton Monogram Scarf is packed in there too.

Unbox Supreme accessories in Supreme Or Not, exclusively on HypeDrop.

Image via Hypebeast

Home Decor

What's a home without decor? Express your style in your fit, and Supreme in your crib. Be it a Marathon Clock or Turntable, we've got you covered with Supreme Or Not.

In the top spot of this Mystery Box, you'll find a Meissen Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine for a mind-blowing $7,880! Not bad for $8.46, eh? And following suit, there's Leica's 2020 Binocular collaboration, a Waterproof Megaphone and Metal Folding Chair. The brand's Water Blaster even makes an appearance, as does a few of our favourite Skateboard Decks. They might seem pointless at first, but these home decor accessories will make all the difference to your blank abode.

Unbox Supreme home decor in Supreme Or Not, exclusively on HypeDrop.

What are you waiting for? If you're yet to unbox Supreme Or Not, you're missing out! Get it now for $8.46!


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