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Gaming Dec 4, 2020

The festive season is almost upon us! And whilst the Holidays might feel *slightly* different this year – you know, due to the ongoing pandemic – gifting is in full swing.

So, where do you start? Whether you’re buying for a streetwear enthusiast or a lover of tech, it’s handy to have an idea or two up your sleeve. That’s where we come in! Our team has curated the most hyped items of 2020. From Nintendo to Supreme, our ultimate Christmas gift guide is sure to get you on the nice list. And better still, you could be in with the chance of unboxing each of the items below in our exclusive boxes. Excited yet?

Read on for our top picks, and be sure to let us know what’s on your wish list in the comments.

It’s the season of giving – share the Hype.

PlayStation 5

Our top pick needs no introduction! Sony’s latest release is the highly sought-after PlayStation 5. Offering 4k performance, speedy load times and a game-changing controller, it sold out within hours of pre-release back in September. It’s a no brainer for gamers everywhere.

Discover the PlayStation 5 in our PlayStation 5 box.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X hit 2020 with full force! This console is nothing to be sniffed at; it’s been hailed for its visuals, firepower and first-class hardware. And better still, it can host titles from four generations of predecessors. Dust off your copy of GTA IV, it’s coming back!

Discover the Xbox Series X – along with its more affordable sister the Xbox Series S – in our Xbox box.

Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

It’s the sneaker that started it all – the Air Jordan 1! Multiple colourways and styles have paved the way for the Air Jordan 1 to trail blaze the sneaker game, connecting generations spanning over three decades. It’s the beginning of any streetwear enthusiast’s tool kit, and a mark of the greatest Basketball player of all time.

Discover a selection of Air Jordan 1 Sneakers in our Jordan Elite box, or Jordan Mid Tier box.

Supreme Faux Fur Jacket

The iconic label behind collaborations with The North Face, Comme des Garçons and Stone Island has left fans wild for its faux fur jacket. Bursting onto the scene in a range of colourways back in 2018, the outerwear item has been a must-have for streetwear enthusiasts ever since.

Discover the Faux Fur Bomber and Ganesh Faux Fur Jacket in our Supreme 13% Profit box.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch came back with a bang to save 2020! The pandemic caused the console to sell out *worldwide*, prompting Nintendo to ramp up production. It’s a hybrid powerhouse, enriched by fan-favourite games and a super core. In other words, a must have for Nintendo fans everywhere.

Discover the Nintendo Switch, alongside accessories and games, in our Nintendo Switch box.

Nike x Off White

Virgil Abloh has been described as the ‘king’ of the modern day streetwear scene. And when Off White teamed up with Nike on 2017’s ‘The 10’, the internet lost its mind. The pairing soon became the most-in demand collaboration of the decade! And they’re still sending shockwaves through the sneakerverse to this day.

Discover Nike x Off White in our Off White Sneaker box.

iPhone 12

Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 12, packs a punch! Its OLED display, industry quality camera and 5G connectivity has sent tech enthusiasts wild. Did we mention it features the fastest performing smartphone chip to *ever* exist?

Discover the iPhone 12 Mini, Pro and Pro Max in our iPhone box.

Hype Decor

Help the hypebeast in your life freshen up their feed with the latest must-haves in home decor! KAWS shelf accessories and the highly sought-after Off White x Ikea rug are among our top picks. Look out for that clean shot on Insta!

Discover a range of Hype Decor items in our Hype Decor box.

How will you share the Hype this Christmas?


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