HypeDrop's Hottest Unboxings; Dior, Apple, Off-White | July 2021

Legit Aug 4, 2021

Want to cop a $10k pair of Jordan x Dior's for a fraction of the retail price? Welcome to HypeDrop!

Just when we thought July couldn't get any hotter, our Box Battles dropped in to raise the temperature. The result? Some *crazy* cops! From the first unboxing of Jordan x Dior (plot twist, there's been two more since) to multiple Dunks, Consoles, iPhones and more, you guys have unboxed the highest amount of products HypeDrop has ever seen! Shall we take a look at some of the best of them?

Jordan 1 x Dior - €10,439

⭐️ Prodigy - Level 77

Unbox Rich Influencer for €527.67 on HypeDrop now!

Jordan 1 Retro Off-White Chicago - $6,000

⭐️ Blade1129 - Level 21

Unbox Feeling Lucky for $2.79 on HypeDrop now!

(Daniel Arsham) Eroded Dolorean Figure - $2,599

⭐️ Aspire - Level 27

Unbox Collectors Dream for $6.68 on HypeDrop now!

Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott - €2,197

⭐️ Erdbeertortchen - Level 13

Unbox Feeling Lucky for €2.98 on HypeDrop now!

iPhone 12 Pro Max - $1,550

⭐️ Cneal - Level 13

Unbox iPhone Upgrade for $12.81 on HypeDrop now!

Jordan 4 Retro Off-White Sail - €1,547

⭐️ Leonmitdaimler - Level 26

Unbox Lucky Off for €9.54 on HypeDrop now!

GEForce RTX 3070 - €1,131

⭐️ Darz#929 - Level 28

Unbox 5% Ray Tracing On for €7.87 on HypeDrop now!

PlayStation 5 (Blu-Ray Edition) - $700

⭐️ VEXT - Level 30

Unbox 10% PS5 for $7.50 on HypeDrop now!

Could YOU feature in August's hottest unboxings!? Don't waste another second... try your luck with HypeDrop today!


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