HypeDrop™ x Yeezy 350 V2; The Sneaker Of The Century

Hypebeast Apr 1, 2022

Two leading brands come together to release the hottest collaboration yet!

In 2018, HypeDrop™ was founded from an admiration of premium streetwear. Sneaker culture was our passion, and our accessible yet luxury Mystery Boxes followed suit. Since, we've delivered Jordans, Dunks, Blazers and more to the masses. But to us, one brand has stood above the rest. Yeezy.

Since 2015, Yeezy has focused on exclusivity. Be it limited stock or premium materials, sneakerheads queue in their masses for the chance to cop a pair. The brand's flagship shoe - the 350 V2 - is a decade-defining silhouette. Dubbed the coolest sneaker on the planet by GQ, it's innovative: made from materials that not only look the part, but feel the part too.

At Hypedrop™, we've dreamt of putting our passion and skill into apparel. And last year, that dream turned into reality. Here's how we came to develop our own Yeezy!

The Collaboration

Go big, right? That's always been our mantra. When it came to a brand collaboration, Ye's 350 V2 silhouette was our number one choice. After months of back and forth conversations, we were given the green light by Ye himself! Our collaboration was finally set to come to life. And now, we can reveal all.

The white sneaker is representative of the 350 V2's original style. In place of the silhouettes typical branding, 'HD' is printed across the lateral and medial side panels, alongside a bold black strip. The sneaker's signature rope laces also feature in black.

The HypeDrop™ x Yeezy 350 V2 will be available to unbox on HypeDrop -  alongside a custom shoebox, a cameo from Ye and writing credits on Donda 3 - soon.

Take me to HypeDrop!


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