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Getting Started May 30, 2022

Battles, challenges and plenty of *free* balance on us! Here's what you can expect on Kick from HypeDrop.

Mystery Notes; Here's Your Chance To Win

For users who are Level 20 and above, our Mystery Notes segment gives you the chance to win *free* balance! Created by Team HypeDrop prior to our stream, each note will have a random value range attached - for example, a range of €10 to €5000.

We'll give ten users the chance to win from these Mystery Notes, two of which will be Level 60+ exclusive!

To do so, they'll need to pick a random number. If that random number falls inside of the values in our pre-planned notes, our host Lars will spend it as balance on their behalf. Anything he pulls will be theirs to keep.

To Enter Mystery Notes;

  1. Before the stream, make sure you join our Discord! We'll verify and select the winners here.
  2. Verify your profile in #notes-tag-request; you must be Level 20+ to enter.
  3. Keep an eye on #mystery-notes. Here, you'll be given a prompt to enter our giveaway. The winner will be randomly chosen from this channel!
  4. Once verified and selected, the user will be asked to select a number in between 1 and 10, to choose their Mystery Note.
  5. The user will then be asked to select another random number. If the number falls within the value of the Mystery Note, we'll credit Lars with that amount.
  6. Lars will spend the balance any way the selected winner chooses. For example, if the value range is €10 - €5000, and the user selects €2000, Lars will get €2000 to spend on their behalf.
  7. Any items that Lars W's from this balance will be credited to the user.

If you need a helping hand, we've prepared a step by step guide with images for ease! You can find it here.

As a bonus, we'll even attach forfeits to each Mystery Note! If you guess a value within the range, Lars will have to face an unknown challenge. Anyone for a shoey?

Mystery Notes is an exciting concept, designed to thank you for being one hell of a community! To take part, follow us on Kick to get notified when we're live.

*Please note, if you choose to battle with your Mystery Note winnings, you can't do so in 'Share' mode.


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