How To Get A Mystery Box Promo Code | HypeDrop

Transparency Mar 15, 2021

If you haven't heard of 'HypeDrop time', you'll be kicking yourself!

Everyone loves a promotion - 10% off here, 20% off there. But what does everyone love more than a promotion? Free. Mystery. Boxes. The no strings attached kind. And at HypeDrop, we're making it happen.

First came the Hypebeast Mystery Box, and next came the Gamers Mystery Box. And before you jump to conclusions, ALL you had to do was like and respond to our tweet. Unlike the others, we didn't ask you to follow our Mum on Twitter, our Aunt on Instagram and share your weekly grocery list. It's as easy as one, two... well, just one and two.

Obviously, our codes are limited. So we've had to give them to the fastest users. The users who've been sat waiting at their keyboard all day, frantically refreshing our profile. But, due to popular demand, we'll be increasing the number of codes here and there so that YOU have a higher chance of receiving one!

And if you're more accustomed to Facebook, we hear you. And we'll be bringing you HypeDrop time MUCH sooner than you think.

*Got this far? Scroll to the bottom for a Facebook exclusive!

Got it? In case you need a refresh -

  1. Follow our Twitter
  2. Keep an eye out for #HypeDrop time
  3. Like the tweet and respond with the #HypeDrop hashtag
  4. If you're quick, the free Mystery Box is yours!

*Catch Facebook's HypeDrop time on Thursday 25th March 😏


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