A Sneak Peak Of What's To Come | HypeDrop

Mystery Box Sep 16, 2020

Nothing to see here… apart from how much more epic HypeDrop is about to get.

Now that we’ve officially caught up and streamlined our order processing system, we’ve been able to dedicate much more of our time to doing what we do best: making HypeDrop an even better experience. And a huge part of this is reading through customer feedback and using it to improve things. Here’s a little glimpse at what’s planned over the next couple of months.

New-look HypeDrop
We’re giving the site a major revamp to improve the overall customer experience. Think cleaner, easier to navigate, and just better in general. The new look is all based on customer feedback… so to everyone who’s taken the time to contact us with feedback and ideas, a huge thanks to you all: HypeDrop is about to become better because of it.

Better processes
We also had some feedback on our processes for withdrawals and the unboxing experience… so onto the list they went. Withdrawing unboxed items is about to get significantly easier, because let’s face it, this is one of the most important parts of the experience.

Of course, the best part of the HypeDrop experience is the unboxing experience itself… which is also set to get better. Again, this is about us improving every aspect based on what we’ve heard from you guys - and we can’t wait to see your reactions to the changes.

Awesome new features
Just like we’re improving on existing features, we’re also adding epic new ones, like an affiliate system and more. Have a sneak peek below at some of the features in store, and get ready for when they hit your screens in the next couple of months.

Much more to come
If your curiosity has piqued, well, this post has served its purpose. You’ll be able to see these new changes and features in action soon, along with loads more improvements.

HypeDrop wouldn’t continue to get better without your help, so please do keep those questions, comments and feedback coming by hitting us up on Instagram, Facebook, or one of our support channels. Until then - watch this space!


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