Do People Really Receive Their Products? | HypeDrop

Shipping Sep 23, 2019

Yes, it’s actually a real thing… and you'll be amazed by how it all works.

We often get comments from new users asking us if HypeDrop actually does deliver on unboxed items. We get it, since sometimes the high-end products from the lower-priced boxes might seem a bit too good to be true. But the short answer is that yes, we do deliver - and the long answer is one you’re about to find out.

We have a pretty streamlined process when it comes to shipping and authenticating products. There might be a few variations in the process from product to product, but we can explain the reasons behind those too. Ultimately, we work pretty hard to get unboxed products to their owners, and the proof of that is all over Instagram and Trustpilot.

Getting real products to your doorstep.

If you’ve unboxed an item you’re happy with and you’ve requested a withdrawal, we’ll see this on our end and aim to process it within 72 hours. During that time, we’ll go to our trusted marketplaces to locate the products, ensure their authenticity, and get them on their way to you. To clarify, that doesn’t always mean the product will be shipped within 72 hours, but rather the process is underway.

With the huge range of products and categories we have, it’s also worth noting that not all our products come from the same places. For example, many of the items with the ‘Inspired’ tag in their name on HypeDrop - like stickers, smartphone cases, mugs, etc - need to be custom printed. These kinds of orders can therefore take a few more days since there’s a production process involved.

We actually have a few different marketplaces we turn to when ordering products, and it generally comes down to availability. We only buy from places we trust, since at the end of the day sending out less-than-authentic items is only going to hurt our own reputation… and that’s the last thing we want to do.

Some of the trusted marketplaces we’ll order from are:

This is one of the most trusted streetwear retailers out there, and that’s why we only order streetwear from StockX. They’re renowned for their authentication process of branded products, so we can both rest assured you’re getting the real deal.

StockX relies on individual sellers to ship items to them first so they can authenticate, before sending it on to the new buyer. They’ll check it’s not a fake or replica, and won’t send anything on until they can confirm if the product is legitimate.

When we get a streetwear order at HypeDrop, we check on StockX to make sure the requested product and size is available, and if so, we can order it to be sent straight to our customer. The average time from requesting a streetwear item to receiving it is between one and two weeks, and we’re also generally able to add a tracking link to a StockX order so you can check the progress.

Another trusted marketplace we order from is Amazon, which is also known for verifying their products. We use Amazon for almost all our electronic requests, like computer parts, smartphones, TVs and more. This service is probably one of the fastest, since they’ve already verified their items and will often ship the products the next working day. We get tracking links from Amazon pretty much immediately - and you’ll often receive your product within a week.

Sometimes shipping costs, sometimes it doesn’t - and here’s why.

Not all of our products includes shipping costs, and we’ve gone to great lengths to make that super clear. The main reason is pretty simple: if we included shipping, the price of an item would go up and there wouldn’t be as much variety in the less valuable items you can unbox. One of our policies is that you’ll always unbox an item worth at least what you paid, so by keeping the shipping fee separate to the product value, we can offer many more options per box.

Example: if a $1 product cost $9 to ship, it would then be classed as a $10 item and you’d have less chances to unbox it. If we add shipping costs separately, you’ve got more chances to unbox the item (unless of course you spent more than $1 on your box, thus increasing the value of any possible item you could unbox).

Some of our products like printed items also come from our partners farther afield, so we like to pay extra for tracking services to make up for the extra shipping time. This can also incur a higher shipping fee on a product.

Ultimately we try to reduce shipping costs where possible, but sometimes they’re necessary - and it’s all in the name of efficiency. We’re not one of those companies with set shipping costs for the sake of it, and you can see that by the varied shipping prices on the relevant products.

And sometimes things don’t go to plan.

The nature of the streetwear market means an exact product or size may not always be available. If you’ve requested a product that isn’t in stock at the time, we’ll cancel your request and get in touch to let you know what’s going on. In this situation, we’ll offer to locate and ship a similar product (like a different size for example) as soon as it becomes available.

We always use trusted mail services to send your items, but the reality is that we don’t have control over what your local postman does. Sometimes an item might not be able to be delivered, perhaps because the wrong address was given, and sometimes on very rare occasions, your package won’t turn up for unexplained reasons that we have no hand in.

In one of these instances, we rely on you to contact our support team and let us know. If a package gets returned to HypeDrop, we might be able to send it again to the correct address. And if not, we’ll refund you with site credit so you’re not at a loss. There’s always a way to work these issues out, and we’ll never just leave you hanging.

We’ve got plenty of happy customers to back us up.

It’s all good and well for us to tell you that things are working well - but it’s much easier to believe it when you can actually see it. We actively encourage our users to showcase their unboxed products online, and since we launched, the feedback has been growing exponentially.

If you want to see real users and their real unboxed products, feel free to check out our IG story highlights at @hypedropcom. When users post stories like these, we give them credit for a free box as incentive - as it’s these real-life examples that help give us visual proof.

As with basically any online service, our Trustpilot page also tends to get flooded with reviews from real users. Not only are many of the reviews positive, almost all are verifying that they did indeed receive their products. If that’s not proof we’re the real deal, we don’t know what is!

We’re a real business that makes real money.

Another topic people are sometimes a bit weary about is how we’re able to offer some of our products at such low prices, and how we can function if we always give you something worth what you paid. The reality is that we’re a business, and we are making money from exchange fees from people who sell back their products.

We’re very open about the fact that our handy exchange feature will cost you some dough… and that you’ll get the most value from sticking with the item you originally unboxed. But the option is always there if you really weren’t satisfied with your unboxing, so it’s totally up to you.

Ask us anything and we’ll tell you.

The more radically transparent we become, the more questions we get, and we’re loving the open discussion with our customers. If this post has inspired more curiosity in you, don’t be shy about getting in touch - hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, or one of our support channels. Keep those questions coming!


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