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Shipping Jun 16, 2020

We're still playing catch-up, but we're working harder than ever.

The world is slowly starting to take steps to get back to normality... and it's about time we gave you an update on where we're at too. We previously put out information on HypeDrop and COVID-19 to let you know more about how the global pandemic affected us - and while we're still feeling the effects, we're also taking strides to get your orders to your door, ASAP.

Most companies around the world experienced shipping delays due to COVID-19, and HypeDrop was no exception. We also experienced a huge increase in traffic over the period (thanks guys!) which has been awesome, but this all means we're busier than ever before. There is a bit of catch-up involved on our end while we deal with not only more but a backlog of orders - but rest assured, we're getting there. We too are looking into ways to streamline the process once again and get back to normal - and just like everyone else, we believe we're handling things the best way we can.

On that note... we've almost doubled our shipping team over the last month to help combat the shipping situation. We know how much our users look forward to receiving their orders, so we're working literally almost twice as hard to make it happen on time. We're also in the process of implementing a new system to assist with shipping logistics, which will allow us to get our shipping times back to days instead of weeks.

And then behind the scenes, our team is also testing small changes to the HypeDrop layout to make it cleaner and more mobile-friendly. This is based on user feedback which is always super helpful - so if you have any suggestions yourself, feel free to reach out to

What Comes Next
Right now our main focus is on improving the shipping time and optimising the entire user journey on the site. Ultimately, we want to eliminate delays and get things running even better than they were before COVID-19 came out of nowhere.

We have, however, made a bunch of minor adjustments over the last month - things like adding new boxes, changing some of them up, and making the site easier to navigate. We're also always looking at how we're performing so we can see what you guys love, and what we need to work on. This is something that will never cease at HypeDrop - so you can always expect the experience to continually get better.

Last of all, thank you
It's been a strange time for us all, but the thing that has kept us sane and motivated here at HypeDrop is all the users who have understood the situation and waited patiently for their orders. We wanted to give a shout out to everyone who's been happy to wait and is still using HypeDrop in the meantime - you cannot begin to imagine how much we appreciate it.

In the meantime, if you are still chasing your order and want to know its whereabouts, please get in touch via, where one of our support agents will be happy to help you out.


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