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Getting Started Feb 12, 2022

Seeking luxury without the price tag? HypeDrop's got you covered.

We'll always have a taste for the finer things in life. But when Time Is Money is a little out of reach, should we have to sit back in envy of our peers? Nope. We'll take a chance on our budget collection of Mystery Boxes instead - where a pair of Off-White x Jordans costs $3, and a Rolex less than $10.

At HypeDrop, we've always dreamt of making luxury accessible. And we've achieved it! Here's our *updated* and ultimate collection of budget Mystery Boxes, fit for Kings and Queens.

For Sneakerheads

A great pair of sneakers will set you back. You can't expect to cop a pair of Jordans for a few dollars can you? Well actually, yes.

From Jordan 1, you're in with a chance of walking hand in hand with Jumpman for  $3.97! Featuring the most-sought after of the silhouette, the Jordan 1 x Off-White University Blue sits at the realm - and in Ubrispride's shoedrobe! If Yeezy's more your style, take to 1% Yeezy. For $5.08, you could cop a pair of 350 V2 Glows, like Mrperky.

For the connoisseurs, Lucky Off's your chance to pay tribute to Virgil. Featuring the most-hailed of Abloh's career, the Jordan 1 x Off-White Chicago could be yours for $10.26. We wonder if W's taken his pair out of the box yet...

For Tech Enthusiasts

Been told it's impossible to upgrade your tech on a budget? You must know by now that isn't true.

From Tech Starter Pack, you could land on Sony, Corsair, Nintendo or Logitech for just $3.07. If you're lucky, you could join the likes of DaMiLa in waving goodbye to amateur graphics with the RTX 3090!

If it's tech on-the-go you're hoping for, 10% Electronics is your dream come true. For $17.06, INatsuul unboxed an iPhone 12 Pro! How's your Insta looking? And for an audio experience like no other, Can You Hear Me is on hand to provide a set of new speakers or innovative headphones. For only $18.40, Gergely landed on a Supreme MPC! New career, is it?

For Gaming Geeks

Still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5? Forget the reseller's market. On HypeDrop you'll find plenty, for a fraction of the retail price.

From Setup Booster, take to the gamersphere for an experience like never before. For $3.05, you could implement a whole new entertainment system, from the likes of Razer and ASUS. Cedrik even copped himself a RTX 3090! If you're a console gamer, we've got the ultimate budget box for you too. In 10% PS5, the namesake machine could be yours for $7.72. Will be you next to follow in Florian's suit?

If your aesthetic is just as important as your spec, it's Fancy Gaming you'll want. For $8.01, you could unbox a GeForce Multiprocessor, like Melliers.

For The Collectors

Collectables can be colourful, eccentric and seriously pricey. With more of us buying into them, their value is high - but their cost doesn't have to be!

In Collectors Dream, Kaws and Pokemon are waiting to be unboxed for $8.26. Featuring our favourite brands, Virgil's infamous Ikea Rug is even up for grabs. We wonder which room Cream Pie's displayed his in?

If you're hoping for an item that's more eclectic, Garage Sale won't disappoint. Forget the old board games and fishing rods, there’s no junk in sight. For $11.37, Takashi Murakami's Melting DOB Sculpture takes the top spot, and a place on Lesgo's shelf! With Dream Car, we've even thought of the Hot Wheels enthusiasts. For $1.86, would a model suffice? Or would a Daniel Arsham Eroded Porsche Figure do one better? Rumour has it that Abraham couldn't be without his.

With even more budget Mystery Boxes on HypeDrop, you'd be a fool not to try your luck. Take me there!


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