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Jul 28, 2021

Next-gen consoles are all well and good, but nothing beats nostalgia. Here's our top 5 gaming consoles of all time!

We all remember our first games console. The moment we opened the box, the moment we powered it up for the first time and the moment we pressed play on a not-so-HD Mario style road race. Those moments marked a lifetime of excitement, and a one-way ticket to the gamersphere!

Nowadays, consoles have levelled up. The release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X marked a new dawn of next-generation gaming. Stronger CPU's, mightier GPU's and limitless SSD storage have paved the way for 'world-like gaming'. If you've played Death Stranding, you know what we mean.

But now, with the release of the Steam Deck approaching, we're feeling more nostalgic than ever. And even though our Nintendo 64 didn't come with a DualSense controller, it doesn't mean we loved it any less.

From the Xbox 360 to the Sega Megadrive, take a look at our top 5 gaming consoles of all time!

5. Nintendo Wii - Released in 2006

Back in 2005, Nintendo decided to shake things up. They vowed to offer a 'brand new' gaming experience for a 'brand new' market. Their invention? The Nintendo Wii!

The humble Wii put more emphasis on user interface than any console before it. The Nintendo Remote meant that users could play with their entire bodies, and not just their hands. Wii Fit and Wii Sports bridged the gap between 'gaming and health' and encouraged whole families to compete together. For the first time, the older generation was willing to get involved, and we found ourselves being moaned at for gaming that little bit less.

The Remote even inspired competitors like Microsoft and Sony to adopt a new way of interactive play! We'd call that a victory.

4. Xbox 360 - Released in 2005

The Xbox 360 put online multiplayer on the map, and set a standard for high-definition gaming!

The first console of the broandband-era pretty much perfected online multiplayer functionality! Although it wasn't the first to offer an online system, the Xbox 360 did enable brand new and exciting ways of accessing audio, video and game content. Achievements and Gamer Scores created a global competitive community, and to this day Xbox Live has grown to be one of the most successful gaming networks there is.

Aside from its online network, the Xbox 360's integrated wireless controller system gets a lot of love from us too!

3. Nintendo 64 - Released in 1996

Back to Nintendo! In third place, it's the Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo 64 is a history-defining games console. Irrespective of its long line of exclusive game titles (we'll get to that), the console showcased evolutionary control mechanisms, an innovative joystick controller and impressive processing power. But the games behind the console, including Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is what made the Nintendo 64 so popular.

Alone, Mario 64 is considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made. And it's even set the standard for 3D gaming today!

2. Sega Megadrive - Released in 1989

In the late 1980's, Sega pushed everyone else aside. The Megadrive was the newest kid on the block, and it was definitely the intriguing!

The Sega Megadrive was the first 'portable' games arcade. It successfully took hits such as Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Strider and made them its own. And then in 1991, when Sonic the Hedgehog dropped on the scene, the console's popularity skyrocketed even more! Sega ensured that there was a game for everyone; Mortal Kombat for us, NHL '94 for others.

The console is creative, innovative and resonated with 'loud' teenage culture at the time.

1. PlayStation 2 - Released in 2000

In our top spot had to be the best-selling games console of all time - the PlayStation 2!

The PlayStation 2 is affordable and came with a major lifespan, meaning it quickly became a natural entry point for first-time gamers. But above all, the console's game library is its most eye-catching feature. It saw blockbuster titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Ratchet & Clank, Guitar Hero and Metal Gear Solid rise to prominence. And to this day, the systems library sits at over 2000 titles!

Unlike many of its competitors, the PlayStation 2's system is continually supported; there's still high demand for the console, and it's easy enough to see why.

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