The Most Influential Sneaker Collabs On HypeDrop

Mystery Box Jun 28, 2022

They're the sneakers that made history, and you can find them on HypeDrop.

What's better than your favourite brand? Your favourite brands, of course! Since the dawn of the sneakerverse, collaborations have been celebrated. Though some are hailed, and others hated, they're a talking point that's dominated the landscape for longer than we can remember.

Popular among collectors, and even more so on the resale market, collaborations have become an influential turning point in fashion, and a staple addition to our Mystery Boxes. From Aime Leon Dore x New Balance to Supreme x Dunk, here's some of the recent collaborations that have made history, available to pull on HypeDrop!

Image via The Sole Supplier

Off-White x Nike 'The Ten'

When Nike welcomed Virgil to the Swoosh in 2017, he ran before he walked. And it paid. With complete creative freedom, Off-White reimagined some of the most iconic silhouettes in 'The Ten'. The collection of deconstructed, industrialised shoes sent shockwaves through the sneakerverse, cementing Off-White's relationship with Nike for years to come. Sales of the Air Presto boomed, and hype for newer silhouettes like the Air Vapormax was bigger than ever.

Renowned as one of Virgil and Nike's biggest successes, 'The Ten' is a sneakerhead's grail.

Unbox Off-White x Nike 'The Ten' in Nike Collabs, Abloh Mentality and Off-White x Nike on HypeDrop.

Image via Highsnobiety

Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 550

Prior to 2020, how often did you see a pair of New Balance 550s on the streets? At first released in 1989, the silhouette was met with a meh response when introduced into international markets. After two decades of silence, we'd almost forgotten the shoe existed. But with Teddy Santis' touch, the waves turned. Thanks to a collaborative capsule with Aimé Leon Dore, the sneaker spearheaded a resurgence. And they've been almost impossible to come by ever since.

With multiple colourways still in the works, Aimé Leon Dore is showing no signs of parting with the silhouette just yet.

Unbox Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance in 50% 550 and Sneakerhead Grail on HypeDrop.

Image via Highsnobiety

Supreme x Dunk

Supreme and Dunk are two of the most influential players in streetwear and sneaker culture. With fans spanning decades, and followers most could only dream of, the duo kicked off their collaborating powers in 2002. Though trends shift and staples change, the pair have always seemed to out-clout their peers. Their 2022  'By Any Means' collection was an instant sell-out, and the SB Low's they dropped the year prior were no exception to the rule.

With Google Alerts set and rumour boards patrolled daily, Supreme and Dunk have a hold over sneakerhead's that few others have succeeded.

Unbox Supreme x Dunk in Half A Dunk, Supreme Or Not and Supreme SS21 on HypeDrop.

Image via Sneakers Magazine

Travis Scott x Nike

Up until 2021, La Flame's name was predominantly featured in the sneakerverse. A key figure in streetwear culture, Nike first partnered with the musician in 2017 on the Air Force 1. Followed by the Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 1 and SB Dunk Low, Scott's name was a frequent on every sneakerhead's wishlist. But after the Astroworld tragedy, everything changed. Vilified by fans and the media alike, Travis' career was put on hold.

After a year of silence, the duo returned with an Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 collaboration. And though Scott's future is still undetermined, his influence on sneaker culture remains as is.

Unbox Travis Scott x Nike in Trip To Astroworld, Travis Scott and 70% Sneaker on HypeDrop.

Collab or no collab, there's hundreds of sneakers to pull on HypeDrop! Which pair are you aiming for?


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