Share Your Unboxing On Insta For The Chance To Receive $15 | HypeDrop (expired)

Promo Codes May 17, 2022

25.05.2022 Important Update: Promotion inactive anymore.

Want the chance to bag $15 free credit on HypeDrop? We got you!

Up until June 7th, post your HypeDrop unboxed item on Instagram for the chance to receive $15! Here's what you need to do;

  1. Wait for your ordered item to arrive - once it reaches you, take a photo worthy of the 'gram.
  2. Upload your photo to Instagram, tag @hypedropcom and add 'Thanks #HypeDrop' to your caption. The # is key!
  3. Sit tight! If you're picked to receive $15, our Instagram managers will reach out for your profile and Order ID.  Then, they'll create a unique promotional code just for you.

It really is that simple! Will you be one of the lucky ones? Take me to Instagram!


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