Luxury on HypeDrop; Lamborghini, Patek Philippe, Yachts & More

Legit Nov 15, 2021

Where else could you could cop a Lamborghini for less than €500? If you're looking for luxury, you can rely on HypeDrop.

Be honest. We've all dreamt of the luxury side of life. The cars, the watches, the holidays and the designer labels. But unfortunately, extravagance comes with a price tag. At HypeDrop, we've worked hard to bring luxury to the mainstream. And over the last couple of months, we've pushed harder than ever.

First came the Rolexes, then came Icebox. A trip to Dubai, a Lamborghini and BMW followed. And when that was no longer enough, we upped the stakes and introduced a Yacht, Bugatti and €1.4 million Richard Mille Watch to our inventory. You asked for game-changing, after all.

In this blog, we've selected five of the most expensive items on HypeDrop to delve into. And if any take your fancy, you know what to do.

Image via GVELondon

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - €1,451,005

The Bugatti brand is the superstar of all supercars. Unprecedented in performance, material and social status, the Veyron 16.4 has made its way to HypeDrop. The 2005 model has been hailed an 'engineering masterpiece' and 'incomparable to other cars in its lane'. And it's easy enough to see why; with a top speed of 415km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 2.5 seconds, it's marvelled by performance fanatics.

Where can I take a chance on unboxing the item? For the pinnacle of luxury, it couldn't be anything less than Billionaire.

Image via Sunseeker Brokerage

Sunseeker Manhattan Yacht - €1,200,000

When you imagine a luxury lifestyle, does a Yacht pop into your mind? We thought so. The mark of wealth is nothing less than a Sunseeker Manhattan; favoured for their word class engineering and opulence, models have consistently ranked among the most desirable. They're private, transportable and purpose-fit with everything you'd ever need for a premium trip to Monaco.

Where can I take a chance on unboxing the item? Take your lifestyle to new heights. It's Billionaire, of course.

Image via Lifestyle Asia

Royal Oak Offshore Audemars Piguet - €802,158

A premium watch is a splendour must-have, and the Audemars Piguet brand is triumphant. Founded in 1875, the Swiss watches were hailed for their unique designs and fine craftsmanship. And the Royal Oak Offshore series is the epitome of all the brand stands for. With a black ceramic case, glareproofed sapphire caseback, titanium pushpieces and crown, the model has reached cult status. For purveyors of luxury, the Royal Oak Offshore is more than prestigious: it's a perfect investment too.

Where can I take a chance on unboxing the item? Where it all started... Watch This.

Image via NUVO

Huracán Performante Spyder Lamborghini - €267,126

Lamborghinis offer the ultimate visceral experience in sports car satisfaction. Their styling and sound is intentionally dramatic, and their innovative engines and  performance set them apart from other Italian automobile brands. In the Huracán Performante Spyder, elegance is combined with power. Technologically leading, with a powerful V-10 engine and maximum speed of 325km/h, it's a front runner for car fanatics all over.

Where can I take a chance on unboxing the item? If it wasn't Lamborghini, where else?

Image via A Blog To Watch

Patek Philippe Nautilus - €206,493

Considered by many to be the most prestigious watch manufacturer in the world, Patek Philippe is known for producing high-end, exclusive dress watches. At the HQ in Switzerland, quality is said to be the most precious resource. A statement we can deem to be true when it comes to the Nautilus. Developed in 1976, the innovative sports watch is self-winding, fit with gold applied hour markers and a sapphire-crystal case back.

Where can I take a chance on unboxing the item? All that glitters is Rose Gold, don't you know.

That's just some of the most expensive items in our inventory. With Icebox Jewellery, a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and more waiting to be unboxed, HypeDrop could be your one-way ticket to luxury. The question is... what shall we add next?


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