HypeDrop Perks | Mystery Boxes, Promo Codes, Daily Free Rewards

Mystery Box Feb 23, 2021

So you know about HypeDrop, who doesn't!? But what do you know about our perks?

At the heart of HypeDrop is a premium experience for a fraction of the retail price. And to make your experience the absolute best it can be, we've employed a few perks along the way. We're not just talking 20% off here, 15% off there... we're talking full-blown, make your year, out-of-this-world perks.

If you're yet to experience them, you've got a lot to learn. And here's where you start.

Daily Free Rewards

Yes, you read it right. We give you daily free rewards just for logging in! No ifs, no buts and *certainly* no catches. Your daily free reward Mystery Box is sat there ready and waiting, every morning. Like a hot cup of coffee to get the day started, or the smell of bacon first thing, what could be better?

Transparency; Provably Fair and Published Methods

We've always been open about our methods. Holding back isn't our style: we're more your 'absolutely transparent' kinda guys.

We've publicised our provably fair methods, Mystery Box odds, exchange rates AND shipping costs. In this relationship, there's no need to worry about trust.

Events, Giveaways and Promo Codes

It's no secret that we love the festivities! And we always make sure to share our excitement with you. That's why you can expect a whole host of festive-themed events throughout the year - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and so much more.

And when it comes to Giveaways, we don't play around. From Mystery Boxes, to PlayStation 5's, Yeezy's or Credits, think of us like St Nick. We've always got a treat or two up our sleeve.

As for promo codes, we're the generous type. We like to keep your pockets lined as a gesture of our appreciation. So keep an eye on Twitter for #HypeDrop giveaways. They're more common than you think...

Get What You Pay For

With HypeDrop, you'll *always* receive an item equivalent to the price you paid for the Mystery Box. So whether you unbox an exclusive item for a fraction of the cost, or make your money back, it's a win-win situation every time. But remember, we believe it's in your best interest to request the withdrawn item, hence the fees we sometimes apply to our Mystery Boxes. It's all in the fun of it, right!?

Tight-knit Community

We might be biased, but the HypeDrop community reigns supreme. We're similar in so much more than our likes and interests; we share common ground and humour, not to mention the occasional meme.

You can follow us on Twitter or Instagram, like us on Facebook or join our Discord. And we promise you won't be disappointed.

So there we have it! The perks that make HypeDrop better than the rest.

Now we want to hear from YOU. What more do you want from HypeDrop? Feel free to drop us a message on social media to get the conversation started. After all, HypeDrop isn't HypeDrop without you.

What are you waiting for? Shop the Hype now!


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