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Shipping Aug 13, 2020

We’ve powered through the backlog and we’re still going strong.

Before we kick off this update, we want to again thank all our users for being so patient in waiting for orders to be processed and shipped. For a while there, we were inundated with a huge backlog of orders to get through, and adding to that shipping delays (what with the whole Covid-19 thing), we understand that it took a little longer than normal to get orders from A to B. So thank you to everyone for your patience - you can’t even begin to imagine how much we appreciate it!

We’ve got a few bits of good news to share, so we felt a HypeDrop update was in order - read on to find out what’s been going on.

The great news: We’ve officially caught up
So, long story short… we’ve been working harder than ever to get through the backlog, and we are now pleased to announce that we’ve reached the end of the tunnel! 100 per cent of the 9,000 backlog orders we had have now been processed and are on their way.

We’re aiming to keep things this way, so we've also expanded our shipping team to more to more than 10 active staff members. Currently we’re taking less than one week to process and get an order shipped out, ensuring we maintain the best HypeDrop experience possible. Users around the world are loving receiving their orders - check it out for yourself:

We’ve optimised the website
As always, we’re always on the lookout to improve the user experience at HypeDrop. Recently we made some minor updates to the chat and page layout, so it’s now even easier to use. Take a look:

We’ve added awesome new boxes
Of course, the new-look site is nothing without the addition of exciting new products to score… and we’ve also been busy adding exciting new boxes to open up. We hope you’ll enjoy these new additions - and make sure to keep your eyes peeled, since there are still plenty more to come.

Watch this space
Our team is forever looking ahead, and there are still plenty of new updates to come to HypeDrop over the next few months. Make sure to stay in the loop by reading our news and coming back to the site to check it all out. If we can say so ourselves, HypeDrop just keeps on getting better!

As usual, if you have any questions, comments or feedback on any of the updates, please do hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, or one of our support channels. It’s your feedback that we thrive on, and that’s what helps us keep improving the HypeDrop experience over time - so keep it coming!


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