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Hypebeast Jan 13, 2021

Hypebeasts. The label is standard among sneakerheads, streetwear enthusiasts and market resellers. But, how far back does it go? Let's take it to the internet's oldest friend - Urban Dictionary! According to the site, the term emerged in 2005 when college student Kevin Ma created a website to document his fashion interests. What started as a movement of 'trend setters' began to pick up pace. But it wasn't all positive...

To some, Hypebeast is an insult used to describe label nerds or blind followers of 'hyped' brands. To others, it's a lifestyle. But if one thing's for sure, Hypebeasts know how to generate noise. Brands such as Supreme, Off White and Stüssy have cashed in on the culture. Long awaited drops can sell out in seconds, and items endorsed by influential celebrities can go viral overnight. Who do we have to thank? The Hypebeasts, of course!

But the question remains, how exactly do you spot a Hypebeast? And, are you a Hypebeast!? Here are some signs to look out for on your journey of Hypebeast discovery.

A Sneaker Obsession

(Image via Domino)

Hypebeasts live and breathe sneakers. As in, their minds resemble a 'sneakerverse' of low tops, high tops, colourways, panelling, overlays and everything in between! They've got alarms set for *every* drop, and know Off White release dates like the back of their hand.

Know someone who has a sneaker for every occasion? Yep, you're probably looking at a Hypebeast.

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Branded from 'Head to Toe'

(Image via Supreme)

Hypebeasts don't just wear any old label! Brands that aren't hyped online are a strict no-go. *Think Supreme, BAPE and Palace*. And if they can match their outfit, even better! Any occasion is an opportunity to stunt on others.

For a Hypebeast, there's a thrill in shopping. Especially when scoring drops that sell out in seconds. We call it the 'post-cop glow'!

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Flair for Interior

(Image via Fader)

The dedication of a Hypebeast goes further than clothing. From sneaker displays, to wall art, rugs and rows of collectable Bearbricks, Hypebeasts take interior style seriously. In the midst of a pandemic, home is where the Insta content is!

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'Ahead of the Game' Attitude

(Image via Fashion Roundtable)

Hypebeast's know value. They know upcoming brands, resale bids and authenticity. Like a Wall Street broker, Hypebeasts are constantly on the look out for the next big investment. And aftermarket math is never an afterthought! What's the point in buying something you can't flip!?

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Swayed by Celebrity Culture

(Image via Nice Kicks)

Celebrities influence everyone's buying decisions. But Hypebeast's take it one step further... Items worn by the likes of Travis Scott, Ye or ASAP Rocky can skyrocket overnight. Hypebeast's don't just want the products their celebrity idols endorse, they need them!

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So, with all that said and done, can you spot a Hypebeast!?


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