Easter At HypeDrop | Win $300K In Our Jackpot Giveaway!

Getting Started Apr 4, 2022

Brace for a $300,000 giveaway this Easter! Joining a collection of festive Mystery Boxes, you're in for a treat.

Last Christmas, we shared our festive cheer. And since Easter's about to roll around, we're feeling just as generous! From a $300,000 Jackpot giveaway, to a few extra special Mystery Boxes, here's what you can expect from HypeDrop this month!

$300,00 Jackpot Pool

Yep, you read it right! This Easter, we're giving away $300,000, split between 100 lucky users!

From Monday 4th April, you'll collect a random number of tickets with our Daily Calendar. Each ticket you earn will add an entry to our $300,000 prize pool. The higher the level you are, the more tickets you’ll have a chance to collect. And the more tickets you have, the higher your chance is to win!

You can also earn a ticket for every Egg spent in our Easter egg shop! But, more on that later...

On Monday 18th April at 9pm CET, we’ll randomly select 100 winners from this pool via random.org on livestream. With 2 weeks to go, you've got plenty of time to reach higher levels, and enter our pool. Take me to the Jackpot!

*In order to participate in our Jackpot, you must be Level 10+ on HypeDrop.

Take A Trip To Our Easter Egg Shop

If a giveaway wasn't enough, you've got a chance to collect Eggs with every Mystery Box you open, Battle you play and Upgrade you attempt. What for? To unlock our limited edition of festive Mystery Boxes, of course!

Any Eggs you earn can be spent in our Easter Egg Shop, on our limited collection of festive Mystery Boxes. And with every Egg you spend, you'll even earn a ticket for our Jackpot! Here's the all-important details;

  • When you spend $1, you’ve got a 5% chance of earning 1 Egg
  • When you spend $10, you’ve got a 50% chance of earning 1 Egg
  • When you spend $10, you've got a 50% chance of earning 2 Eggs

What are you waiting for!? Open your favourite Mystery Box, enter a Battle or take your item to upgrade, and start collecting eggs today.

Are you ready? Visit HypeDrop to start collecting Eggs and tickets for our Jackpot!


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